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The Practical Test Explained

The Day Of The Test

You will be picked up by your instructor an hour and a half before the start of your test. This will enable you to get warmed up and practice manoeuvres etc. Once it is close to the test time your instructor will then take you to the test centre where it all takes place.

Before the test starts you will wait in the waiting area for the examiner to come out and call your name. They will then ask you to check and sign the declaration at the top of the test form.

They will then ask if you would like your instructor present on the test.

They will then take you into the car park where they will check your eyesight and then ask you 2 out of 19 show me, tell me questions which are found on this website. You will then get in the car. The examiner will explain what will happen and then you will go off on your test.

What Is The 10 Minute Self Drive

This is where the examiner tells you a place to go and all you have to do is follow the road signs and road markings. If you cannot find a sign with your destination continue to go straight ahead on the road you are on till you find a sign that does. You CANNOT fail the self drive for going the wrong way but you WILL fail for not doing the correct safety checks etc.


On the test you are allowed up to 15 minor faults. If you accumulate 3 in one section you will automatically fail. You will also fail if you get a serious or a dangerous fault. However you will not be told until you get back to the test centre as you pay for a full 38-40 minutes of a test.

What Happens Once The Test Is Finished

The examiner will count up what they need to on the test sheet and then examiner will tell you whether you have passed or failed. If you fail they will go through the report form and explain where you went wrong. If you pass they will go through maybe some of the faults and get you to sign the pass certificate which is your temporary full licence till your pink card and paper licence is delivered. The examiner will send all the paperwork away for you.